Service Training

Handtmann Training Courses are designed for individuals who are responsible for managing, supervising or directly maintaining &repairing Handtmann stuffing and linking equipment. Course participants will learn to perform all operator-level and general-level maintenance functions, monitor and use all safety features, troubleshoot operational issues and effectively use Handtmann’s detailed OEM reference materials. Laptops are welcome in class and digital copies of course information will be provided. All service and training courses are held at the Handtmann Technology Center in Lake Forest, IL.

2019 Training Schedule

  • January
    » No Classes
  • February 19th – 21st
    » VF8XX Series
  • March 19th – 21st
    » VF6xx Series
  • April 23rd – 25th
    » AL/VF6xx Series
  • May 21st – 23rd
    » HVF6xx Series
  • June 25th - 27th
    » VF8xx Series
  • July 23rd – 25th
    » AL/VF8xx Series
  • August 27th - 29th
    » HVF6xx
  • September 10th – 13th
    » AL/VF6xx Series
  • October 29th – November 1st
    » VF6xx Series
  • November 12th – 14th
    » AL/VF8xx Series
  • December
    » No Classes


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